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【 開催日 】2020年2月7日(金)
【 時間・場 所 】
<文教> 10:00 ~ 12:00 文教スカイホール (グローバル教育・学生支援棟4階)
<坂本> 14:00 ~ 16:00 医学部第3講義室 (大学病院1階)
【 対 象 】本学研究者、大学院生 ※文系理系問わず
【 講 師 】 David Kipler 先生(英文校正会社エディテージ)
【 備 考 】本セミナーの講演は英語で行われます。

主催:研究開発推進機構 研究推進部門 学術研究支援室

電話:095-819-2208 (内線(文教)2208)

English Presentation Seminar

【 Date 】 Friday 7th February, 2020
【 Time/Venue 】
 10:00 ~12:00 Bunkyo Sky Hall
 14:00 ~16:00 Lecture room 3, School of Medicine
【 Open to 】 researchers and studentsof Nagasaki University

< Contents >
It is very important to present your research at international conference.
This seminar will provide useful advice on preparing and delivering oral presentations.
The lecture will discuss organization of your talk, slide preparation, mental preparation, time management, body language, and how to avoid “Death by PowerPoint“ and so on.


The lecture will also discuss about how to use tables and figures for efficient visual presentation.
For example, the elements of tables and figures, principles, common errors in the visual presentation of information will be reviewed.


The lecture will also describe some resources for assisting science writers and presenters, including references texts, websites, self-study options, massive open online courses, and relevant professional organizations.


Co-hosted by:
Academic Support Office
Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Academic Support Office, Nagasaki University
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